1. The low-down on how we clean your area rugs

    At The Specialists Oriental Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to provide Sacramento’s best oriental and area rug cleaning services.  Through our time-tested process, we produce great results every time.  We pride ourselves on not only providing you the top notch service you have come to know and lov…Read More

  2. Is your carpet sprouting?

    Have you ever vacuumed your rug or carpet to only find that it has suddenly gotten a few pop-up strands of fiber?  Don’t worry, that is what is known as ‘Sprouting’ and it is actually quite common and while it can be slightly irritating, it is not a reason for alarm.  A simple way to remove …Read More

  3. Fiber Protection is Worth the cost!

    Is having fiber protection worth the extra cost?  That really depends on how you think about it.  When you have any rug, whether wall to wall or a beautiful area rug, it is an investment in your home.   By adding a professionally applied protection to any of your rugs, carpet or upholstery you b…Read More

  4. Why Dry Soil Removal is Important to your Rug Care

    Dry soil is the most common soil type found in rugs.  There have been testing that says 75% or more of total soil found in your rugs.  While you may think that spills are the most damaging (and it can be in many cases) dry soil can scratch, cut and severally damage your rug fibers. So, what is dry…Read More