1. How do The Rug Specialists cleans your rug?

    We here at The Rug Specialists are all about cleaning your rugs properly, thoroughly and sanitized.  But what does that exactly mean?  Here is a look at how we do things. Step One Consultation We will meet with you and inspect your rug. Using all the information gathered in our conversation, we wi…Read More

  2. Urine in your Oriental rug? Tips and help are here!

    Whether you have finally found the perfect Oriental (or other fine area rug) you want or you have inherited a cherished family heirloom, you finally have that gorgeous Oriental rug in your El Dorado Hills home.  As you are enjoying it, you discover that your furry family member has also discovered …Read More

  3. Integrity, honesty and respect for your home and family.

    Integrity, honesty and respect for your home and family is what you should expect from a service company.  That is what you will get from The Specialists. Out of respect for you and your home and in order to keep germs to an absolute minimum, our vehicles and equipment are wiped down and thoroughly…Read More

  4. Moths and worms in your rugs?

    Yes, you read that right!  If you see little white worm like creatures, they are actually moth larvae!   Carpet moths can wreak absolute havoc on your gorgeous fine rugs.  Moths have an affinity for the materials used to create Oriental rugs. (Wool, in particular!)  The damage can be irreversib…Read More

  5. Is a viscose rug right for your Sacramento home?

    Viscose, Lyocell, Ramie, Faux silk, man-made silk, fake-silk, banana-silk or bamboo silk these are all words for viscose or rayon fiber.  It is very soft, and people often think they are getting a great deal on a silk rug, when in fact, they are not.  Let’s take a peek at why. Viscose is well kn…Read More

  6. Why is there a powder in my El Dorado Hills rug?

    You have a favorite rug that you have purchased and had it for a while. All the sudden you start noticing there is a powder like substance always coming up when you vacuum it or worse yet, when you walk on it.  What is it and why is it happening? What you are more than likely experiencing is call d…Read More

  7. Why choose us for your El Dorado Hills Oriental rug cleaning?

    Let’s face it, not all rug cleaners are the same.  Is it worth it to go with the cheapest price out there?  As we explore what to look for in a reputable rug cleaner for your home. Don’t just pick the cheapest company out there.  The old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ is never truer …Read More