Damaged Rug by Chewing & Scratching in Rocklin, CA

Pets may be cherished members of your family, but their propensity for chewing and scratching can quickly ruin your lovely rugs. To assist you in repairing and returning your rugs to their original state, The Rug Specialists provide thorough rug care services. Our skilled technicians are very experienced in fixing all types of pet damage to rugs of all sizes and shapes.
We provide preventative maintenance options in addition to repair and restoration to keep your rugs safe from further harm. By placing an additional layer of defense between your rug and your pet's claws, our rug padding service can help you avoid scratching damage. To make an appointment or find out more about how we can assist repair and restoring your rugs, get in touch with us or dial 916-252-1141 right now.


Professional Rug Repair Services for All Damage

To restore holes, tears, frayed edges, and other damage left behind by your pets, we employ conventional rug repair methods. We give you a thorough plan for rug repair and the associated expenses based on our inspection. We also provide specific damage instances with tailored rug repair options. We repair all types of damages including:


Why Choose Us for Repairing Damaged Rugs

  • Family-owned company.
  • Safe & effective rug cleaning services.
  • IICRC certified.
  • BBB Rating: A+.
  • Eco-friendly procedures.
  • More awards & affiliations.

Protect Your Investment: Schedule a Consultation for Rug Protection Treatment Today

Our knowledgeable professionals at The Rug Specialists will inspect your rug and make the finest treatment suggestion based on your individual requirements. Our rug protection treatment includes:

  • The best possible protection of rugs.
  • Avoid enduring stains.
  • Protect your rug from wear marks in high-traffic areas.
  • Stop the accumulation of static electricity.
  • Improve the effectiveness of the next cleanings.

Make an appointment for a consultation on rug protection treatment throughout Lincoln, Folsom, Carmichael, Antelope, and Elk Grove. Call 916-252-1141 right away or contact us to find out more.