Outdoor Dirt & Debris Removal in Sacramento & Rocklin

If your pets spend a lot of time outside, you could notice that your rugs accumulate dirt, debris, and pet hair. This dust, debris, and even mud can quickly build up on your rugs. Our efficient outdoor pet dirt and debris cleanup services at The Rug Specialists can help keep your rugs clean and looking their best. We may also offer a thorough rug cleaning service utilizing environmentally friendly, human- and pet-safe cleaning agents if your rug needs a deep clean to get rid of tough stains or odors. For an appointment or to learn more about the difference between our outdoor dirt and debris cleaning services which can make for your carpets and your home, call 916-252-1141 or contact us today.


Keep Your Home Safe & Fresh by Pet Stain Removal Service

If you have a furry pet that sheds a lot, it might be difficult to get pet hair out of rugs. Our pet stain removal services are made to remove pet hair from your rugs in an efficient manner, leaving them tidy and hair-free. For you to experience a clean and fresh living space, we utilize special tools and processes that are eco-friendly cleansing to pull and loosen pet hair from deep inside the rug's fibers.


The Hidden Dangers of Pet Stains on Rugs

Our furry friends make great companions. However, if rug stains are left untreated, they could be dangerous. Following are some tips to help you identify concealed dangers:

  • Bacteria & germs
  • Allergies
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Decrease the value of the rug
  • Reduce longevity & quality of the rug
  • Affect appearance & cleanliness of rug

Count on Us for a Trustworthy Rug Inspection

Our team of skilled specialists at The Rug Specialist will thoroughly inspect your rug to evaluate its state, spot any potential problems, and decide the best action. Make an appointment with us right away to experience the advantages of our professional inspection services including rug cleaning, repair, and storage. For new customers in Roseville, Wilton, San Francisco, and other service locations, there is a 25% discount available.