Rug Cleaning & Repair in Alta, California

Are the glow and color wearing off the rugs in your home? Have they been damaged or worn down over the years? It is important to exercise caution when cleaning and repairing expensive oriental rugs and other specialized area rugs.

With The Rug Specialists, consumers can have their expensive area rugs professionally cleaned and repaired, and they always choose us because of the quality of our cleaning and repair services in Alta, California. Moreover, our experts have years of experience and go through proper training so we can provide superior services to our clients. For more information about our services, our response team is available 24/7 to assist you. So, call us at 916-252-1141 or contact us online.

safe rug cleaning with electrical vacuum cleaner

Safe Rug Cleaning by The Rug Specialists

As a precaution against the spread of germs, we only clean one rug at a time by hand, using only the most advanced cleaning equipment and wool-friendly chemicals on the market. In this way, you can enjoy the advantages of both options. State-of-the-art methods for washing, rinsing, and drying rugs without the use of potentially harmful wastewater.

Contact Us to Clean Or Repair Your Rugs in Alta, California

We are pleased to say that our company is the go-to option for rug cleaning in Alta and throughout the greater Sacramento area. We offer thorough rug cleaning services using only eco-friendly, kid- and pet-friendly solutions, state-of-the-art equipment, and tried-and-true methods. We encourage you to call The Rug Specialists at 916-252-1141 to learn more. You can also click here to schedule an appointment.