Area Rug Binding in Sacramento & Folsom, CA

Binding is one of the easiest and most affordable methods of finishing the edge of an area rug. It machine-repairs worn and frayed edges of your Oriental or area rug with matched or coordinated material and binding tape, glue or other adhesive.

The Rug Specialists provides its customers with the most professional area rug binding services to protect your area rugs in the Sacramento, CA, area. It is the most trusted and reputable company for rug cleaning, rug binding and serging, fringe or backing repair and related services. We have the best pool of certified service providers to address any area rug need that our customers bring us. Let us clean, restore or repair your favorite area rug, especially for that troublesome rug binding issue.

Area rug owners in Browns ValleyGarden ValleyEmigrant GapFair OaksHomewood or throughout our Sacramento, CA, service area can clean up those frayed or unraveled edges, or extend the life of their heirloom rugs with rug binding. To learn more, call 916-252-1141 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation.

Binding of Area Rugs

Types of Rug Binding By Rug Specialists

Three primary ways The Rug Specialists use to bind your heirloom area rugs:

  • Standard edge binding: A colorfast, durable, and functional synthetic fabric tape that is designed to blend with the rug edge and is not much noticeable. This is the most economical rug binding.
  • Hand binding: The least noticeable edge binding option. A cloth binding is hand sewn with hidden stitching and wrapped tightly around the back.
  • Wide fabric binding: These add an accent to the edge of the rug. Often used to add interest in natural fibers such as sisal, seagrass or synthetic sisals.

Our Rug Binding Options Include:

  • Topstitch
  • Blind stitch with mitered corners
  • Blind stitch with straight corners
Binding of Rugs by The Rug Specialists

The Rug Specialists Perform Expert Area Rug Serging & Binding in Sacramento, CA

Serging your precious Oriental rug involves wool, cotton or synthetic thread in order to protect and keep your area rug from unraveling. The Rug Specialists makes sure the rug’s edges are solid. If your rug requires edge repairs, we reinforce them prior to serging for durability and longer lifespan.

When a tufted carpet is made into rugs, rug binding is primarily used for repairing them. A narrow strip of fabric is placed over the raw edge of the rug and then secured to prevent fraying, which also gives the rug a nicer, finished look.

Benefits of Our Area Rug Binding:

  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Vast selection of materials and colors option

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The Rug Specialists is a long-time provider of superior area rug binding and other rug cleaning and repair services throughout the Sacramento, CA, area. Our IICRC-certified rug technicians have always set the industry standard for eco-friendly rug rug cleaning and rug repair services. More reasons to choose The Rug Specialists include:

  • Free consultations
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