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Your beautiful rug can get a nasty smell due to several reasons.Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

Ah the fringe on a rug, it is a love hate kind of relationship. People either love them or hate them. Let’s take a look at it today and go over a few points on fringes.

Color is a fantastic way to bring some brightness and fun into a room. There are many colors and patterns available today so bring your open mind when you shop.

This is a question we hear a lot. The main reason is that often times your rugs hold a great deal of value. Whether it is a monetary value or sentimental, you want your rugs to look and feel their best.

Question of the day: Is it safe to vacuum my Oriental Rug? Answer: Yes, with a caveat. It is safe to vacuum the rugs, as long as you do not have damaged rugs that need repairs.

We love our furry family members.But sometimes, they can really make a mess on your rugs.Did you know that they are very difficult to remove and after 24 hours, should really be handled by a professional?

When you are searching for someone to do any kind of work in your home, you only want the best.

Abrash is the naturally occurring horizontal, shade or color variance in rugs. You may or may not notice right away in a newer rug.

What are the differences between a tufted rug and a knotted rug? Both tufted and knotted rugs are made by hand and that is the only thing they really have in common.Let’s take a look a few of the most notable differences.

Have you noticed moths flying around? What about bare patches on your beautiful area rug?You may have a carpet moth infestation.If you see this, you want to address it as soon as possible.

When you have a beautiful silk rugs, it is important to understand them and how they need special care and attention.

Rug Padding, they are not all are created equal. Just like with the many types of rugs available, there are different types of rug padding.

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