Deep Cleaning Your Area Rugs around Sacramento, CA

Most homeowners assume that vacuuming their rugs on a regular basis is all you need to maintain your rugs. But this is completely wrong. Vacuuming is just a tiny part of the area rug cleaning method. Going through a professional cleaning method is necessary to keep your rugs clean and fresh, as well as expand their lifespan. There are several processes of professional cleaning. But the most effective way is deep cleaning. The process goes beyond simple cleaning by actually washing the rug's fibers to get rid of the dirt that is embedded deep within it.

The Rug Specialists has experts who can perform deep cleaning professionally. Our professionals are IICRC-certified. For the residents of Rio Linda, Sacramento, Granite Bay, Roseville, Carmichael, Fair Oaks, and their neighborhood regions in California, it's great news that we are available there. Get in touch with us at 916-252-1141. You can also book an appointment online with us using this link here.

Professional worker cleaning area rug in Sacramento, CA

Why Do You Need Deep Cleaning for Your Area Rugs?

Maintaining the rug's appearance is just one of the many reasons why frequent deep cleaning is recommended by professionals.

  • Kill the dust mites
  • Eliminate the bad smell
  • Make your rugs last longer
  • Remove the dirt pollutants embedded in the rugs
Rug cleaning with a brush by professionals

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Rugs?

The frequency of your deep cleaning needs should be determined by the volume of foot activity in your home. Rugs should be given a thorough deep cleaning at least 2 times a year if your home has heavy traffic, children, or pets. This is the greatest way to ensure that your rugs remain clean and in perfect condition.

The Rug Specialists Offers the Best Rug Cleaning Services

We are a family-owned company, serving the best area rug cleaning methods that include wet cleaning, absorbent pad cleaning, steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and more. Give us a call at 916-252-1141 today to schedule an appointment.