Rug Cleaning Services in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, & Rocklin

At The Rug Specialists, we are proud to provide Sacramento’s best oriental and area rug cleaning services. Through our time-tested process, we produce great results every time for our customers in SacramentoRosevilleRocklinEl Dorado Hills, and other cities that we serveTo learn more about our products and services, call 916-252-1141 or click here to make an appointment.


Step One: Consultation

First, we will meet with you and inspect your rug. Using that information, we will determine the best possible cleaning methods using eco-friendly cleaners.


Step Two: Dusting

Rugs are designed to hide dirt so that they do not show any wear and tear and look great for a long time. Which is why we go in deep to remove unseen dust and dirt.

Preconditioning Treatment

Step Three: Preconditioning Treatment

We develop a special treatment process for each rug, ensuring that we use the best, safest option and eco-friendly cleaners for your rug.

Spot and Fringe Prep

Step Four: Spot and Fringe Prep

During this step, we treat particularly tricky spots and prepare the fringe of the rug for treatment.


Step Five: Shampoo

Utilizing the ideal rug shampooing treatment for your rug, we clean thoroughly, while maintaining the integrity of delicate fibers.


Step Six: Rinse

We remove all excess dirt and soap from the rug carefully and safely.


Step Seven: Dry

Proper drying techniques are vital to ensuring your rug does not shrink. That’s why we choose to hang dry all rugs as part of our rug cleaning services.


Step Eight: Finishing

Once dry, your rug will be combed with specialty groomers for an even appearance.

Inspection and Delivery
Step Nine: Inspection and Delivery

Our talented inspector will examine your rug to make sure we performed at our best. Once we are sure it is good to go, we will bring it to your home and even lay it for you.

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Sacramento , CA

We dusted the rug, washed it and rinsed it and dried the rug in our huge centrifuge. It came out beautifully.

Roseville, CA

We applied a special product to kill the malodor and thoroughly washed the rug. It came out great! No stain - No odor! Click below and see the before pics.


We used a special cleaner on the rug we scrubbed and pressure washed the rug very thoroughly and after running it through the centrifuge to rinse and spin it dry it came out looking amazing. Click here to see the after pic.

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