Area Rug Protector & Stain Repellant Services in Sacramento, CA

Stains can ruin the beauty of your beloved handmade and heirloom rugs. Stains also affect the longevity of area rug usefulness and appearance. The Rug Specialists is available to provide stain removal, restoration and protection for even the most distressed area rugs. We offer area rug protector and stain repellant services to make your area rug last as long as you desire.

The Rug Specialists have decades of experience in area rug cleaning, protection, repair and restoration. We provide the most reliable area rug protector and stain repellant services in the Sacramento, CA, area.

Protector & Stain Repellant Services

How Rug Protector & Stain Repellant Safeguard Sacramento, CA, Area Rugs 

As the name says, area rug protector and stain repellant protect and repel all types of stains to guard your rug from mostly liquid-based damage as effectively as possible. Repellants create a molecular shield around the fibers of your rug, not letting liquids soak in and stain. With the increase of surface tension due to the protector and stain repellant, the rug repels dirt, dust, and spills and extends its life and your pride in it.

The Rug Specialists want to preserve your precious heirloom area rugs. We offer the finest service with advanced equipment, free pickup and delivery of your rug to and from our cleaning facility.

Trust The Rug Specialists For Superior Area Rug Protector in Sacramento, CA

The Rug Specialists are proud to be Sacramento’s premier rug cleaning, repair, and protector and stain repellant service. Our products are earth, family and pet safe. Through our advanced technology and time-tested practices, we provide comprehensive rug cleaning services.

For your area rug protector and stain repellant needs, we are here for you. To learn more about all of our rug care services, call 916-252-1141 or contact us online for an appointment, or if you have any rug questions we can answer. Our services are available in Antelope, Brownsville, Camptonville, Mather, Newcastle, and throughout our Sacramento, CA, service area.