Rug Resizing Services in Sacramento & Roseville, CA

The Rug Specialists is the most reliable and resourceful rug repair service across the greater Sacramento area. Our most dependable and skilled rug repair experts will go the extra mile to meet our client's satisfaction. In addition to rug resizing, we also provide fringe repair, backing repair, rug serging, and many more services. If you have an oversized rug in your home you don't need to pack or store it. Bring the oversized rug to The Rug Specialists, we will make it suitable for your home's decoration.

You bought the rug with a hefty amount. If you don't use it, what is the point of buying it? Resize it in a cost-effective manner with The Rug Specialists. Contact us online here or you can call us by dialing 916-252-1141.


Why Rug Resizing Services with The Rug Specialists?

Area rugs come in a variety of sizes, and it's important for each one to match the room and any furniture or other fixtures it will be placed under. There are countless options for where to put an area rug, but the structural fit is something to think about. The proportions of the room, any obstacles, the amount of floor you want to show, your desire for a subtle or bold rug color, and other elements can all affect the rug size. Experts from The Rug Specialists have decades of experience. So they can quickly grasp our client's needs and provide services according to that.

Resizing an area rug may occasionally involve an unanticipated change. The size of your area rug was ideal previously, but suddenly it isn't, and you weren't prepared for it. You can get help from The Rug Specialists with those unforeseen adjustments.


What Can The Rug Specialist's Rug Resizing Services Do for You?

The following things will be done in rug resizing services-

  • Cut off the length and width of the oversized rug to match your home's size
  • Reduce the rug to your desired shape. 
  • Make the torn and old rug reusable again.
  • Combine rugs to make your it larger.

Entrust Your Rug's Resizing to The Rug Specialists

Let the experts resize your stored or oversized rugs and make them useful again. Our experts perform very quick service. We also provide pick-up and delivery services for our customer's convenience. Call us at 916-252-1141 or contact us online here for a free consultation.