Rug Fringe Grooming Services in San Francisco & San Jose, CA

The fringe is the most attractive part of a rug. Fringes create an extraordinary look for your rugs. Over and over the use of rugs may damage the aesthetic looks of rug fringes. Most often, we vacuum rugs which works very quickly to damage fringes.

At The Rug Specialists, we have trained IICRC, BBB-certified rug cleaning experts to clean and repair different types of rugs from antique to oriental ones. We are a locally owned rug cleaning company and offer fringe grooming services in Folsom, Elk Grove, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, and other service areas near San Francisco.

You can directly talk with our professionals by calling at 916-252-1141. Contact us online to book an appointment.

Why Need Professionals for Fringe Grooming?

Rug fringe and grooming

Our rug cleaning experts at The Rug Specialists are knowledgeable about their rug cleaning process. While fringe is attractive, it is prone to damage and wear over time due to extreme foot traffic, vacuuming, and environmental variables. This is where the knowledge of experts is required:

  • Specialized knowledge: Professional rug experts have an extensive understanding of various rug types, fibers, and fringe materials.
  • Professional tools: Experts employ products made specifically for fringe care, like fringe combs and brushes with fluffy bristles. These tools provide accurate grooming, removing dirt and knots while protecting the fringe.
  • Moisture prevention: Our professionals not only remove the fringe but also suggest correct upkeep to prevent future damage. This gives you the ability to care for your rug in between expert maintenance.

Contact The Rug Specialists to Restore the Beauty of Your Rugs

Our expert rug fringe grooming services are here that refresh the elements of rug fringes and elevate the overall beauty of your rug. Do not go further since our rug cleaning and rug repair specialists are here to give you the best rug cleaning services.

If you need to store your rug for a short-term or long-term period, we offer rug storage services. Call us at 916-252-1141 or contact us online to learn about our rug cleaning process.