Types of Area Rug Pet Damage & Repair in Sacramento, CA

Own a dog, cat, rabbit, or hamster? If you do, then it’s needless to mention your love for your pets. You love your heirloom rugs, too. Sometimes these two loves don't exactly go together.

Even well-trained pets can behave badly and leave severe area rug pet damage. Sometimes it's unavoidable or unexpected, but there are solutions for all types of area rug pet damage. The Rug Specialists is the most reliable cleaning and restoration service for all types of area rug pet damage & repair in Sacramento, CA.

Types of Pet Damages Done to Rugs

Call The Rug Specialists For Area Rug Pet Damage Repair in Sacramento & Folsom

Bored, energetic pets, especially young untrained puppies, chew on rugs. Your area rug can then unravel, and its binding can fall into major disrepair. Fringe can be especially tempting to pets and if you’re not vigilant, especially if beloved pets discover playing tug-of-war with an area rug fringe. Pet hair and dander are also area rug issues.

Cats, hamsters, rabbits and other scratching or chewing pets enjoy giving the corners of area rugs unwanted attention. Whether it's teeth marks, hairballs, other pet fuzz or stains from your furry friends' accidents, pet stains and loose hair or dander can be difficult to clean, vacuum or remove, or just a general nuisance. Call The Rug Specialists when you notice unsightly types of area rug pet damage. Don't let those area rug pet damage repairs linger.

Trust The Rug Specialists For Area Rug Pet Damage Repair in Sacramento, CA

The Rug Specialists are proud to be Sacramento’s premier rug cleaning, fringe repair, and pet damage repair service. Our products are earth, family and pet safe. Through our advanced technology and time-tested practices, we provide comprehensive rug cleaning services.

For all types of area rug pet damage repair needs, we are here for you. To learn more about all of our rug care services, call 916-252-1141 or contact us online for an appointment, or if you have any rug questions we can answer. Our services are available in Antelope, Brownsville, Camptonville, Mather, Newcastle, and throughout our Sacramento, CA, service area.