Area Rug Repair in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, & Fair Oaks

We offer a wide variety of Oriental and specialty rug repair and restoration services to our customers in SacramentoEl Dorado HillsRocklinAntelope, and other cities within our service area. Our area rug repair specialists are trained and experienced in working with a variety of machine and handmade rugs. Prime examples include Oriental, Persian, cowhide, leather, Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Spanish, Navajo, and many other specialty rugs.

For all rug owners, it is important to inspect your fine textile periodically to determine if there has been any rug damage from normal wear and tear. This can happen with some rugs and, to prevent more extensive and expensive rug repair and restoration costs, it is wise to keep an eye on the situation. Because Oriental rug repair is a unique art form, our gifted craftsmen at The Rug Specialists utilize our extensive knowledge of rug structure to provide outstanding area rug repair services to our customers throughout the greater Sacramento area.

Rug Serging Machine

Rug Repair Services by The Rug Specialists

The Rug Specialists repair and restore damaged area rugs by:

  • Rug Fringe Repair - Repairing or totally replacing fringes
  • Rug Serging & Binding - Finishing rug edges through Serging & Binding
  • Rug Patching & Reweaving - Repair area rug holes and sew tears and cuts
  • Rug Backing Repair - Attach new rug backing

In addition to these repairs, we also brighten and correct color runs and deep-clean all types of area rugs to eliminate stains and soiling. We do this to maintain the vibrant beauty and value of your area rug. Click here when you are ready to schedule a convenient time for our rug repair experts to pick up your area rug in Greater Sacramento & its surrounding cities.

Rug Fringe Repair Before and After

Rug Fringe Repair

Your Oriental rugs require the finest care. We examine your Oriental rug to determine the type of fringe repair it requires based on rug construction. If your rug’s edges are hand-knotted, they need to be re-wrapped by hand, paying close attention to the rug’s specific colors and structure. This is a very elaborate and meticulous process that is performed by hand. If your Oriental rug is machine-made, power fringing is the preferred method of repair and a quicker process. If your goal is to completely change the fringe, we have a wide variety of colors and fabrics depending on your preference. Some customers prefer to remove the fringe altogether. Whatever your choice, we are here for you!

Oriental Rug Repair

Rug Serging & Binding

This process of serging gives your rug a fine finished appearance. The sides of your Oriental rugs must be secured with wool, cotton, or synthetic thread to protect them and keep them from unraveling. We offer both hand serging and machine serging depending on the rug's construction. Before we begin the serging process, we make sure your rug edges are solid enough. If your rug requires edge repairs, we reinforce them prior to serging for durability and long-lasting repairs.

Binding is used primarily on a tufted carpet, which is made into rugs. We take a narrow strip of fabric and place it over the raw edge of the rug and then secure it to prevent fraying. This gives your rug a nice finished look.

Rug Serging & Binding

Rug Patching & Reweaving

For many Oriental rugs and other heirloom rugs, rug patching may be economically and aesthetically the best repair choice. We recommend that patching be done as soon as holes are discovered to prevent more extensive damage.

Depending on the value of the Oriental rug and the extent of the damage, we may recommend rug reweaving. This is the most thorough, time-consuming, yet undoubtedly the best method to repair your Oriental rug or other fine area rugs to near original condition.

We clean the damaged area and sew new threads matching the texture and color of the original rug into the hole to rebuild the foundation of your rug. Once that task is accomplished, we must precisely duplicate the knots in the original design so repairs are not noticeable.

Rug Backing Repair

Rug Backing Repair

We can replace old or worn-out backings on any of your tufted area rugs, hooked rugs, or machine-made rugs to protect and maintain your area rug. A new rug backing will extend the life of your rug and help secure any rug tufts, knots, fringe, or scrim. Ask us about our natural and synthetic rug backing materials.

Rely on The Rug Specialists for the Best Rug Repair Services in Sacramento

Contact The Rug Specialist to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We will answer all of your rug cleaning and rug repair questions, schedule a convenient time to pick up your rug, clean and repair it at our state-of-the-art facility and deliver it back to you within 3-5 days. Also, if you are remodeling or moving, we can store your rug for you until you are ready to have it delivered.

Our specialty and Oriental rug repair and restoration quotes are always FREE in our at our state-of-the-art repair facility in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, and other cities within our service area. Call us today at 916-252-1141 and we'll take care of the rest!