Infested Rug Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

A beautiful area rug adds a decorative touch and enhances beauty while warming up your room. Rugs are susceptible to textile insects and pests like bugs, moths, carpet beetles, and others, just like other furry floor coverings. Keeping an eye out for signs of infestation, using prevention methods, and getting professional help when necessary are all extremely important to keep your rugs in good condition.

If you find an infestation in your area rug, you should take necessary action without delay. Don’t worry. The Rug Specialists can help you out. We have been providing affordable, effective, and quick mold, bug, and pest-infested rug repair services for a long time. We use our in-depth understanding of rug structure to deliver superior area rug repair services to our clients throughout the greater Sacramento area. So make an appointment today by calling 916-252-1141.

Infested rug repair

Common Types of Rug Bugs & Pests

  • Moths: The fibers in area rugs can be harmed by moths, which are known for destroying clothing and other fabrics. Wool and silk, two of the finest fibers used to make Oriental rugs and other fine textiles, are particularly attractive to moths.
  • Dust Mites: Dust mites are tiny insects that are nearly invisible and can reside in the fibers of rugs. Spiders and ticks are just like dust mites, they are not visible to the human eye.
  • Rug Beetles: Rugs made with animal products like furs, flannels, wool, and feathers are the most prone to damage from these insects.
  • Mold: Moisture can be absorbed under the rug if the backing becomes wet or if it gets moisture under it. It leads to mold growth on the rug.

Choose The Rug Specialists to Repair Your Infested Rug

An infested rug diminishes the outlook of your home. At the same time, it is harmful to you and your family. Whenever you need to repair your infested rug in Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, and other cities within our service area, contact The Rug Specialists right away.

Our well-trained and highly skilled experts can provide you with the finest rug related services. Reach us by dialing 916-252-1141. To set an appointment, you can also contact us online.