Rug Hole Repair Services in Sacramento, CA

Numerous situations might cause holes in your beautiful area rugs. People frequently fear that once a hole or tear has developed in their rug, it is irreparable. They throw out their damaged rugs since they can't find a solution. But the thing is that damaged rugs can be repaired and restored to like new condition.

The good news is experts at The Rug Specialists provide the most professional rug hole repair service. Our highly skilled crew provides rug repair services by utilizing their extensive knowledge of rug structure. Our services are available in Sacramento, Fair Oaks, El Dorado Hills, Rocklin, Antelope, and other cities within our service area. Contact us  to get our rug related services.

Professional rug hole repair service

Rug Hole Repair Services by The Rug Specialists

  • When it comes to rug hole repair, the experts at The Rug Specialists adhere to stringent sewing and repair procedures. We are able to repair rugs that have rips, tears, and holes.
  • The amount of time and effort necessary to complete these repairs can vary greatly depending on the size of the damage, the number of knots per square inch, and whether or not the foundation of the rug has been damaged or can be easily repaired.
  • Rug holes can be repaired by rug patching or rug re-weaving. For small holes patching is preferable. Larger holes require re-weaving of the rug. Weaving is the process of knotting wool yarn with a similar color match in order to recreate the design.

Let Us Repair Your Rug’s Hole

Don't throw away your damaged rug before consulting with a professional. The Rug Specialists understand your emotion attached to a rug. That's why we offer the most effective rug hole repair services to get your rug looking like new again.

Our rug repair services include fringe repair, backing repair, rug serging, rug binding, etc. Call us now at 916-252-1141 to take services from us. Click here to fix an appointment with us.