Rug Cleaning Services in Applegate, CA

Rug Cleaning Services in Applegate, CA

Applegate is an unincorporated community in Placer County, CA. It was originally settled in 1849 by Lisbon Applegate, who came to California with his son, George, from Missouri. Part of a family that first emigrated to America in the 17th century, the Applegates bought acreage above Clipper Gap, California, and established a fruit ranch there.

Applegate's heritage lives on today with long-time residents and family legacies through generations. Heirloom area rugs are often part of those Applegate legacies, and The Rug Specialists is always available for rug cleaning, repair and other maintenance in this quaint city.

Our team of IICRC-certified rug specialists treat each area rug with special attention and care. They will inspect your rug, determine the best cleaning method, and customize the cleaning process for any type of fiber. We clean all types of natural and synthetic fibers, including wool, cotton, jute, silk, sisal, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and more.

Rug Cleaning Services We Offer in Applegate, CA

Some of the more popular services we provide our customers in Applegate include:

Our Seven-Step Approach to Rug Cleaning in Applegate, CA

Our Six-Step Approach to Rug Cleaning
  • Consultation: We will inspect your rug and determine the best possible eco-friendly cleaning method.
  • Dusting: Rugs are naturally designed to hide dirt, and our experts remove deep-seeded dust and dirt with a unique dusting approach.
  • Preconditioning treatment: Our team will customize a special treatment for each rug to assure the safest, most eco-friendly cleaning options are used.
  • Spot & fringe prep: Identifying and treating visible spots and stains while preparing the rug fringe for treatment is a crucial step of our cleaning process.
  • Shampoo: An ideal rug shampooing treatment cleans thoroughly while maintaining the integrity of delicate fibers.
  • Rinse: We remove all excess dirt and soap from the rug carefully and safely.
  • Drying: After it's thoroughly dried, it is returned and set out for you.

Trust The Rug Specialists for Superior Area Rug Services in Applegate, CA

We are proud to be the premier rug cleaning specialists in Applegate and the Sacramento area. Through the use of earth, family, and pet safe products, cutting-edge technology, and time-tested practices, we provide comprehensive rug cleaning services. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the services we provide, call The Rug Specialists today at  916-252-1141 for more information or simply contact us to make an appointment.  

  • Free consultations 
  • More than 15 years' industry experience
  • Award-winning cleaning services
  • State-of-the-art cleaning facility
  • Green Seal-certified products
  • BBB rating of A-plus
  • 5-star rating by Yelp
  • Pickup and delivery service 
  • IICRC-certified crews

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  • Applegate, CA | September 14, 2015
  • Posted on Ethical Services

Very professional. Looks very clean. Explained the way it was done and answered my questions. Competitive pricing, excellent overall quality.