Rug Cleaning, Protection & Repair Services in Colfax 

A beautiful rug adds value to your home decor. Because of foot traffic and absorbing dirt, rugs get dirty easily. People appreciate things that are clean and beautiful. Dirty rugs decrease the beauty of your house. Same time it carries germs and bacteria which are harmful to the indoor atmosphere. Rugs have the potential to be ruined by their ability to absorb dirt. 

Regular rug cleaning can avoid those damages. After cleaning a protection coating can safeguard your rug from mold and insects. Even if it gets damaged, repair in time can save it from further damage.

The good news is The Rug Specialists has the complete solution for you. We have been serving rug cleaning, protection, and repair services for a long in Colfax. Call us anytime at 916-252-1141 to get professional services from us.

Rug Cleaning, Protection & Repair Services at The Rug Specialists

Rug cleaning: We the experts at The Rug Specialists clean your rug thoroughly. At first,  we do dusting and remove all types of dirt, dust, and debris from the rug. Then we eliminate stains of coffee, wine, ink, etc from your rug completely. After that, we eliminate all unusual odors from the rug. Finally, we clean your rug using a method suited to the rug's materials. Appropriate cleaning can make your rug look new.

Rug protection treatment: We support smarter, safer, and more effective eco-friendly rug protection methods. It will shield your fine textiles from a variety of unpleasant stains, mold, insects, and other dangers.

Rug repair: Don't immediately throw your damaged rug. We offer a wide range of rug repair services. Our available repair services are rug fringe repair, backing repair, serging, binding, patching, reweaving, etc.

We can fix any holes or damages using the above methods. A professional repair can make your rug last longer.

Let Us Serve You With the Best

At The Rug Specialists, we are always ready to serve you at our best. If you live in Colfax and you need any rug-related services mentioned above then you are in the right place. Reach us by dialing 916-252-1141. To take an appointment click here.