Rug Cleaning & Rug Repair in Marin

Rug cleaning and rug repair are essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment. We at The Rug Specialists offer a comprehensive and affordable rug cleaning and repair service for all sizes of rugs in Marin.

We use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to deep clean your rug and restore its natural colors and texture. Besides, our rug repair services can help fix any damages or tears in your rug, preventing them from getting worse and ultimately saving you the cost of replacing the entire rug. Call The Rug Specialists at 916-252-1141 or book an appointment by clicking here.

Professional worker cleaning rug

The Benefits of Our Rug Cleaning Service

Our professional rug cleaners are trained to identify the type of rug and determine the most appropriate cleaning method for it. We can apply protective treatments to prevent future stains and damage. Rugs can harbor allergens, dust mites, and other contaminants that can negatively impact indoor air quality. Our cleaning service can remove these allergens and improve the overall air quality of your home or business in Marin.

Boy and girl repairing rug

What We Can Repair

Our professional rug repairers are skilled in restoring and repairing all types of rugs, from delicate Persian rugs to modern synthetic rugs. We can save your rug from a range of following issues.

  • Pile wear
  • Worn fringes
  • Moth damage
  • Selvage wear
  • Holes and torn areas
  • Edge and end unraveling

Reach Out to The Rug Specialists in Marin

The Rug Specialists is your best choice when it comes to rug cleaning and rug repair service. We are aware that your rugs play a significant role in the appearance of your property, and that a clean, fresh rug is necessary for a comfortable, healthy living space. The Rug Specialists is always available at your service. Call us at 916-252-1141