Rug Cleaning & Repair Services in Placerville, CA

No matter where your residence is, rugs on your floor never stay as good as new forever. No matter what season it is in your area, the rugs are usually affected by extra moisture which might cause molds and other rug damage.

If you are looking for professional rug cleaning and repair services in Placerville, CA, The Rug Specialist can provide the services that you are looking for. Our cleaning technicians are experts in their field and will do everything to replenish the beauty of your rug.

If you need rug cleaning and repair services in Placerville, CA, call us to your aid anytime. Just give us a call at 916-252-1141 or contact us online!

non-slippable rug pad

Professional Rug Pads Installation in Placerville, CA

  • Non-Slip Rug Pads: Rug pads that are specially designed for slippery floors require special attention while installing. Sometimes they arrive in multiple pieces and if you try to install them by yourself, you might end up damaging the rug. We can take care of the installation process for you.

  • Waterproof Rug Pads: Waterproof rug pads are designed to save your wooden floor from water damage. Installing them to operate as a protective layer might be a little tricky. Our experts can install it for you for a better, water damage-free wooden floor.

  • Non-Latex Rug Pads: Non-latex rug pads do not contain rubber materials and are easy to get soaked because of that. Our professionals will clean all the unnecessary water for you before properly installing the rug pad.

Our Technicians Are Available 24/7 To Attend to Your Needs

The professional cleaning experts of The Rug Specialist are adept enough to understand and provide the right treatment your rugs need in their current situation. Our company is a family-owned organization and we know how valuable these rugs are for you. You can entrust your precious rugs to us and the rest will be our responsibility.

Our cleaning and repair services are available everywhere in Placerville, CA. Just call us at 916-252-1141 or contact us online so that we can take care of your rugs as soon as possible!

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Customer Reviews from Placerville ( 5 out of 4 reviews )

  • Placerville, CA | October 02, 2018
  • Posted on Ethical Services

Very professional, good effort at stain removal. Took the time to do a thorough job.

  • Placerville, CA | October 10, 2017
  • Posted on Ethical Services

James & Joy are hard worker young people and their service is outstanding. I think they are the best and extremely affordable.

  • Placerville, CA | June 26, 2017
  • Posted on Ethical Services

Very well presented. Something specific that impressed me was that you called back for an appointment several times.

  • Placerville, CA | April 06, 2017
  • Posted on Ethical Services

5 out of 5 stars for level of service, professionalism and quality work performed.