Rug Cleaning & Repair Services throughout Camino

It's a common misconception that rugs' only use is to enhance the aesthetics of a room. Rugs are stylish and comfortable, and they keep your floors free of dirt and scratches. Area rugs, like any other piece of home decor, do need specific care. However, your rug could cause many health hazards if dirt, derbies, and pollutants are trapped in your rug and not cared for properly. Moreover, if you don’t give attention to them, these beautiful rugs could be damaged.

The Rug Specialists clean and repair rugs of any size and type at a reasonable price for the residents of Camino. Rugs can be professionally cleaned with care. Also, your rug will be handled by trained experts, giving you peace of mind. So, don’t be late to call us at 916-252-1141 or contact us online.

rug cleaning and repair service

Extend The Lifespan of Your Rug

Over time, the wear and tear caused by people walking on your area rug will shorten its life. Rug fibers can be destroyed by ineffective cleaning products and methods. Additionally, it may lead to discoloration and damage. The Rug Specialists know how to determine which cleaning solution is safe for your rug's material. The fibers of the rug will be cleaned with effective procedures, extending its attractiveness and useful life.

Other Services We Provide

With years of experience, we have been reputedly serving our clients in Camino. Apart from rug cleaning and repair services, we also offer:

Call The Rug Specialists to Restore The Beauty of Your Rug

Whether you have Acrylic Rugs, Afgan Rugs, Indian Rugs, Flat Weave Rugs, Iranian Rugs, or any other type of rug, professionals at The Rug Specialists have the expertise to make the job done efficiently. We go through a proper cleaning and repair process to meet your peak satisfaction. Call us today at 916-252-1141 or click here to book an appointment.