Types of Rugs We Clean at Sacramento, Roselin, Rockville & El Dorado Hills, CA

If you are looking for a premium rug service company in Antelope, Browns Valley, Carmichael, Dobbins, Folsom, Granite Bay or surrounding areas, please call us at 916-252-1141. We can clean any rugs from Sisal rugs, Navajo rugs, Synthetic rugs or any delicate, family heirlooms with care and precision.

Rugs are beautifully decorated pieces of items that all homeowners like to have. With time these things get dirty due to dust, pets or kids etc. But if you try to clean them yourself, you may ruin your rugs. So when you need to clean your rug, make sure to call The Rug Specialists. We will come to your house for pick up and inspection, and we will take the rug with us to our shop. After cleaning the rug correctly, we will pack it and deliver it back to your place.

Our Standard Rug Cleaning Service

Standard Rug Cleaning Service

We have a great team of technicians with fantastic equipment to clean your even the dirtiest and delicate rug with perfection. Our rug cleaning process includes 11 steps-

  • Extraction- As the first step, we will come to your house for inspection and determine how to clean your thing.
  • Complete water immersion, front and back- Then we will entirely drown your carpet in the water, so both the back and front are wet.
  • Hand-wash- We will hand wash your carpet to remove the loose dirt and debris for the next step.
  • Detergent and duster- After that, we will use harmless detergent and duster to clean your rug.
  • Detergent rinse- The detergent needs to be cleaned off properly. So we will rinse off all the detergent.
  • Flat spread treatment- This step is laborious, and our skilled technicians will do this efficiently and pull out all the pollutants stuck on the pores of your rug.
  • Detergent and finisher- We will use the floor buffer as our final step to clean the rug surface of any pollution and dirt.
  • Centrifugal water extraction- Our centrifugal water extraction machine will remove almost 90% of the water by rotating the rug at high speed.
  • Brush treatment- The centrifugal machine disturbs the natural alignment of the rug fibers. By brushing it, we will return the rug fibers to their original position.
  • Drying with the natural sun- We will dry your rug under the sun to dry it thoroughly.
  • Final vacuum- Finally, we will vacuum the rug again with a unique vacuum cleaner. Then we will pack it up and send it for delivery.

With the above-mentioned clean g process, we can clean all your precious rugs like Navajo rugs, persian rugs, synthetic rugs, silk rugs, wool rugs, nylon rugs, oriental rugs etc.

Why Choose Us?

Here are few reasons to choose us-

  • Family-owned company
  • $25 off for first-time customers
  • IICRC certified
  • Licensed
  • Yelp 5-star rated
  • Green seal certified products and many more.

Besides rug cleaning our services also include pet odor removal, stain removal, rug repair and many more. So, contact us online or call us at 916-252-1141 to know more.