Carpet moths can wreak havoc on your rugs. They have a particular affinity for the materials used to create oriental rugs. This damage can be irreversible, so it is vital to take preventative measures. Through the use of safe and effective moth repellents, our team keeps the moths away, preventing their damage before it happens.

The damage is done when the moth is in the larvae stage. The larvae feed on protein (wool, silk, animal hair), lay eggs in the rug and the cycle continues.

Dark, quiet rooms and areas the vacuum cannot easily reach, such as under beds, chairs and sofas, are where moths are likely to be found.

Preventing insect manifestation by routine cleaning is necessary. Moths love to feed on soiled and stained rugs!

At The Specialists, we take careful precautions when caring for a rug with moth infestation:

  • We wrap the rug right away to prevent cross-contamination
  • We open the rug up at an isolated area and apply a special product on both sides of the rug and wrap it back up
  • Immense Full Immersion Cleaning Procedures to flush the rug out
  • Apply a special product that:
    • Prevents Infestation, wool degradation
    • Denatures wool (less appetizing by changing the taste)
    • Protects until next cleaning