Do you know the difference between real silk rugs and faux silk rugs?

Real Silk Rugs and Faux Silk Rugs

Do you know the difference between a real silk rug and a faux silk rug? You would think that simply looking on the label of your rug would give you all the information you need, right? Unfortunately, the reality is that many times the truth is hidden behind gimmick-like words.You may see word describing your rug such as Art-silk, bamboo silk, coconut silk, faux soie, hemp silk, rayon, mercerized cotton, banana silk, flax or raw silk. These are all different ways to describe silk fibers in different types of textiles, such as your rugs!A true silk rug will have these two characteristics:

A Real Silk Rug will have approximately 900 knots per square inch! A faux silk rug will have approximately 300 knots per square inch. That is one third less!You can well imagine the difference in texture, as well as quality.

A Real Silk Rug will be actually have the silk spun from silk worms. Fun facts, did you know that a silk worms scientific name is Bombyx Mori?Also, a silkworm’s preferred food is white mulberry leaves, though they may eat other mulberry species and even osage orange?

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