How To Take Care Of Your Wool Rugs In El Dorado Hills

Take Care Of Your Wool Rugs

The maintenance of your wool rugs in El Dorado Hills is something you should really be taking seriously. They need just as much attention, if not more, than your wall to wall carpet. If your wall to wall carpet is wool, this is for you too!

Vacuuming. This is probably the number one thing you can do to keep your El Dorado Hills rugs looking their best. Here is a couple of quick tips to keep in mind.

Professionally Cleaned. Be sure to have your El Dorado Hills Oriental rugs professionally cleaned at least every 3-4 years (every 2-3 if they are in a high traffic area). Even if they do not look dirty, they need to be thoroughly dusted and the fibers flushed out to preserve the fibers.

Spot Cleaning. Be sure to only use our wool safe spot cleaner to use for touch ups on your El Dorado Hills rugs. Don’t forget to only blot on your rugs, no scrubbing of the fibers. That will damage them, making them appear frizzy.

From Davis, to El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Lincoln and all points in between, we are here to keep you informed and keep your Oriental rugs looking their best. Be sure to check out our before and after gallery to see our work.

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