Oriental Rugs, Should They be Cleaned in Home or in Shop?

Oriental Rugs Cleaned in Home or in Shop

What is the difference? Let’s take a look at each of them and their differences.

In Home Cleaning. When you want an Oriental rug cleaned in your El Dorado Hills home it is absolutely possible, with a few very notable exceptions.

When we clean a rug in your home, it is what we call a top down cleaning. Meaning it will clean it well, but it will not flush all the contaminates that may be deep to the backing of the rug. Especially urine as it will settle on the backing (or foundation) of your rug and cause permanent damage to that and possibly the fibers of your rug.

One benefit to washing your rugs in home is that it is done right away, no waiting. But, waiting has its benefits as well.

In Shop cleaning. When we take your Oriental rug (or even your favorite synthetic rug!) to our shop it is the equivalent to sending it to the spa. Certain rug fibers really must be cleaned in shop to attain the best clean possible. Silk rugs for example. Did you know that silk fibers can stretch up to 20 percent when they are wet?!? Wool is another prime example of Oriental rugs that should be cleaned in a professional shop. Wool fibers have scales on them. Think of them like an upside half open umbrella. That helps it trap dirt particles and hide them. But until they are fully flushed, some of those dirt particles can still be trapped in the scales.

It goes through a multi-step process.

We offer not only just general cleaning for your fine area rugs, we also proved specialty pet urine treatments for when our furry family members don’t treat our rugs the way we would like them to. Also, to keep your fine area rugs looking their best, we offer rug protection treatment. This helps keep stains from setting quickly and can help save you money in the long term. Finally, we offer rug pads and accessories. Rug pads are essential to curb the accumulation of dirt and grime on your fine rug, but will help prevent damage to your hardwood floors. We offer several types of rug padding to suit your rug type and situation.

For your fine rugs in Sacramento, Folsom, Elk Grove, El Dorado Hills, Lincoln, Davis (and all points in between) we are here to provide the highest quality service for you possible!

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