Why Use a Professional to Clean My Area Rug?

Clean My Area Rug

Why would I use a professional to clean my area rugs?

This is a question we hear a lot. The main reason is that often times your rugs hold a great deal of value. Whether it is a monetary value or sentimental, you want your rugs to look and feel their best.

When something is spilled on your rug, you need to use extreme caution when cleaning it.We recommend the following:

Blot it up right away! This is critical, time is of the essence here. But do not panic. Grab a white cotton or terry cloth towel and blot, blot, blot. You want to get as much up as possible. We always say use a white cotton or terry cloth towel to avoid dye transfers, which can ruin your rug.

Do not scrub- When you scrub frantically at a stain, you can ruin the fibers of the rug. If you were to take a single fiber of the yarn you would see that it is twisted and when separated, it looks frizzy. You cannot repair this damage. It is permanent.

Be careful with cleaners- Many over the counter cleaners are chemicals that are harmful your family. Have you ever noticed that a lot of them say to use gloves, do not let it touch your skin? Can that be really safe for your family? Also, a lot of over the counter cleaners will actually set the stain into your carpet or simply shove the stain deeper so it isn’t visible, but it will still be there and smell bad.

Dye transfers- Often times, specialty rugs are made with organic material dyes. These can very easily bleed into other colors on your rugs. If not cleaned properly, by a professional with specialized training, it can become permanent. We have the specialized training, equipment and cleaning solutions to keep that from happening.

Fun Fact, did you know even your favorite cup of coffee can cause permanent damage to your rug? Coffee has tannin’s in it that will leave permanent discolorations if not treated correctly.

Don’t mask it- When you use that shinny over the counter products that swear, they will eliminate odors or pour your favorite air freshener on it, you risk permanent damage. You cannot pour an odor remover on a stain and expect it to magically disappear. Many of them have oils in them which will stain the fiber by setting into the scales of the fiber even more. You need a urine treatment or urine flush depending on the situation.

When we clean your rug, we have a multi-step process.

Step 1-Consultation -We will inspect your rugs and talk to you about any areas of concern

Step 2-Dusting – Rugs are designed to hide dirt so that they do not show any wear and tear and look great for a long time. Which is why we go in deep to remove unseen dust and dirt. This also helps remove those hidden allergens. Wool is made of scales, which are like an open upside down umbrella, it can catch and hold a lot of dirt and allergens.

Step 3-Preconditioning Treatment. We develop a special treatment process for each rug, ensuring that we use the best, safest option and eco-friendly cleaners for your rug.

Step 4-Spot and Fringe Prep – During this step, we treat particularly tricky spots and prepare the fringe of the rug for treatment.

Step 5 -Cleansing. Utilizing the ideal cleanser for your individual rug, we clean thoroughly, while maintaining the integrity of the fibers.

Step 6 -Rinse. We will rove the excess dirt and cleansers from your rug carefully. We use squeegees and rollers to ensure it all comes out

Step 7 -Dry. We use proper drying techniques to ensure that your rug does not shrink.

Step 8 -Finishing. Once dry, we will hand groom your rug to ensure an even appearance in your rug.

Step 9 -Inspection and Delivery

When in doubt, call us! When it comes to your carpets or fine rugs, you want the best. Let us come and assess the situation. We can get a lot of stains out right away. The key is to call right away. If you let urine build up, it cannot only affect your air quality of your home it can actually rot portions or all of the rug. It can get to the base of your fibers, the backing and ruin the carpet from the bottom up.

From Davis to El Dorado Hills, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln and all points in between, we are here to help keep your home looking beautiful. Be sure to check out our before and after gallery to see our work.

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