Hooked Rugs Cleaning Services in Sacramento, CA

Home decoration gets a notch higher with the usage of décor items with historical value and a hooked rug is one such item. For the very reason, it is essential to take care of hooked rugs in a professional way. The Rug Specialists provides its customers with the greatest quality hooked rug cleaning services in Sacramento, CA.

Hooked rugs are made by pulling loops of fabric through a stiff woven base with a crochet-type hook. Since this method is akin to crocheting and quilting, handmade or antique hooked rugs often exude a decorative or artistic design. Though modern hooked rugs may cost up to thousands of dollars, it wasn’t the case back then. Because historically, hooked rugs were a craft of poverty.


History of Hooked Rugs

Hooked rugs from the 1850s were created with burlap and whatever materials rug makers could find. Yarn was inaccessible and precious during this period and was usually reserved for knitting and weaving. However, as technology progressed and the use of scrap fabric evolved, rug hooking was made easier and more available, and by the 1920’s hooked rugs were usually made from high-quality materials and are seen more as decorative pieces than floor coverings.

Today’s hooked rugs still use the same pull and loop method, but they can either be made by machine or hand. Though it is easy to spot which piece is made from what method, machine made is the cheaper alternative and thus, the most common among the two.

If you have plans to clean your hooked rug on your own, it is best that you stop right now and contact The Rug Specialists instead, for with hooked rugs bearing a lot of history, it is unsurprising that you would want your hooked rug’s appearance preserved well.


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