Polyester Rug Cleaning in Sacramento & Diamond Springs, CA

When you are looking for someone to clean your polyester rug, then you need to reach out to the best rug cleaning company in the Greater Sacramento, CA, area: The Rug Specialists. Our professional rug cleaners service both homeowners and business owners in Alta, Antelope, Brownsville, Carmichael, and other cities throughout our service area.

No matter the type of rug you have or how badly it might be stained, we will clean it for you. Our expert rug cleaners can draw from their experience and knowledge to deliver an incredible rug cleaning service. We'll clean and restore your favorite Polyester, Navajo, Oriental, Persian, sisal, silk, or synthetic rug. To learn more about our company and its services, give us a call today at 916-252-1141 or click here to schedule services today at your home or office.

Rug Specialists Know Polyester Rug Care

Rug Specialists Knows Polyester Rug Care

Our experts at The Rug Specialists understand the cleaning & repair of polyester rugs. The benefits of polyester rugs include:

  • Polyester rugs are fairly stain-resistant, so they can be cleaned by mixing water and a small amount of mild detergent.
  • To clean blot liquids of wine or urine, you can use a towel. If the stain has dried, use the edge of a utensil to remove solid debris.
  • Use a clean sponge to blot the spot with detergent water. Be sure not to rub as this can drive the stain further into the fibers.
  • Clean the sponge and repeat until the stain is gone. Then rinse the rug with clean water until all the soap is removed.
  • Make sure the rug dries completely on both sides.
  • Let The Rug Specialist perform regular cleanings.

Choose The Rug Specialists for Polyester Rug Cleaning in Sacramento, CA

Choose The Rug Specialists for Polyester Rug Cleaning in Sacramento, CA

Reasons to Choose The Rug Specialists in The Sacramento, CA, Area:

  • Family-owned company
  • $25 off for first-time customers
  • IICRC-certified
  • Licensed
  • Yelp 5-Star rated
  • Green Seal-certified products, and many more.

Our crews at The Rug Specialists will clean, repair, and restore all types of area rugs for customers within our Sacramento service area. We also provide services for pet odor removal, stain removal, rug repair, rug storage, and more. When you need our help, call 916-252-1141 or simply click here to schedule an appointment today in CarmichaelAntelope, BrownsvilleAltaRancho Cordova, and other cities that we serve.