Tufted Rugs Cleaning Service throughout Sacramento, CA

Tufted rugs are made without knots, unlike other types of rugs. They are made from yarn loops that are pulled through the rug's backing material. These types of rugs are durable, but it's only normal for them to get dirty and soiled with time. But it's not easy to clean a tufted rug, and you have to have experience and knowledge to handle it so that it doesn't get ruined. 

You can count on the Rug Specialists for expert rug cleaning and repair services in Browns Valley, Emigrant Gap, Newcastle, Orangevale, Somerset, and the surrounding regions. For all sorts of area rugs, we provide top-notch rug cleaning services, and tufted rugs are our specialty. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, call 916-252-1141 or contact us online!

Why Professional Rug Cleaning?

There are many benefits of professional carpet cleaning:

Why Choose The Rug Specialists for Tufted Rug Cleaning?

Following are a few reasons to choose us:

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