Rugs are a valuable piece of art. Why not “Protect your investment” by protecting your rugs!

There are two main ways that protectors get removed from rugs regular foot traffic and high alkaline or solvent cleaners. At The Specialists Oriental Rug Cleaning, we provide better, safer, and more effective rug protection treatments.

By using the best products on the market, the latest technology and proven rug cleaning processes, we are able to help your rug last a very long time. Our goal is to provide your rug with superior care. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your rug is in great condition and that it is as protected as possible from future damage.

Why Should You Get a Rug Protection Treatment With Your Next Cleaning Service? Each Treatment:

  • Provides the rug with the highest level of protection from water, oily, and dry soils
  • Resists permanent stains
  • Keeps your rug safer, even in the most high traffic areas of your home
  • Offers protection from static buildup
  • Makes your next cleaning even more effective

Call us today to claim your free consultation, or if you would like to know more about our rug protection treatment services.