Rug Serging Service in Sacramento 

Rug serging is a technique to wrap the worn edges of your rug. Infact even if your rug is not worn out serving the rug can prevent it from unraveling as well as give the rug a beautiful finished appearance. At The Rug Specialists, a family-owned and operated company in Sacramento, we provide industry-leading rug serging services. Our IICRC certified crew members are both skilled and experienced who have been serging rugs for many years. Simply give us a call at 916-252-1141 or contact us online whenever you need our services in Browns ValleyGarden ValleyEmigrant GapFair OaksHomewood, and other surrounding cities in California.

Rug repair and Serging Service

Why Serge Your Rug?

  • Longer Lifespan: An unbound rug may look stylish and traditional however, it is going to unravel over time and lose its beauty. On the other hand, having the rug serged can ensure a longer lifespan of your rug by increasing sustainability. 
  • Beautiful Appearance: Serging a rug can give it a clean and finished look. As a result, the outlook of your rooms will be neat and organized whereas with an unbound rug the room will give a messy look. 

Rug Serging Vs. Rug Binding, Which One Is Better?

Rug serging and rug binding both involve sewing however in the binding process a tape is sewed or glued whereas yarns are sewed in serging. In terms of appearance serging is a better finishing option with a more appealing and elegant look. On the other hand, binding is less time-consuming and more budget-friendly than serging. Therefore while deciding which process to choose for your rug, if you are looking for a cost-effective option binding is your answer while if you want to go for a prettier and neat outlook go for serging. 

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For a long time, The Rug Specialists have been providing the best serging service throughout our CA service area. Along with rug serging our IICRC certified crews have been setting the industry standard for eco-friendly rug cleaning and repairing services.

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